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Custom Gun Lubes
December 2011

We are going to start a link page for custom gun lubes. If you have a custom lube and would like to offer it for sale, or just share it, let us add you to our list! Buy direct from the maker. No need for middle men.
Bullet coatings lube powders for reloading ammunition ( ammo ) such as Hex-Boron Nitride ( HBN ) Tungsten Disulfide ( Ws2 / DanZac ) Molybdenum Disulfide ( Moly ). DuPont Krytox for gunsmithing applications. Smaller experimental or larger bulk quantities. You choose how much you need.

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We also carry other supplies need for reloading such as Carnauba Wax, steel and corn cob tumbling media. Need a way to store your finished product?
We have that covered, too!

Product delivery methods such as oilers for wet lubes, needle tip baffle applicators for dry lubes, spatulas for heaving your coating into your tumblers.

Fisherman, Hunters, RC Enthusiasts have your ever thought of using dry lubes? Dry lubes do not attract oil and grime like wet lubes do. Our super fine dry lubes are great for fishing reels, steering components, bow and firearm actions.