bullet coating reloading moly boron tungsten
bullet coating reloading moly boron tungsten
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We are not ammunition manufactures. If you are asking us technical info about FPS, accuracy issues, or what is the best round to take down a water buffalo at 1000 yards, please contact your favorite ammunition maker or a professional match ammo producer. They will be able to provide you with information beyond our scope of practice.

Bullet coating is like your rifle. Its unique to you and your style. There is no special coating for a specific bullet type.

We do have a gunsmith available for techincal issues, however his speciality is in gunsmithing especailly wood stock making and not in relaoding. We offer products to improve the life of your firearm or other sporting / hobby equipment. At this time we do not custom coat bullets to sell. If enough people request, we could possibly start adding that service in the future.
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